Clean & Care

  Clean  Le Vele Bed Set

Cleaning instructions, attached to the product, when followed closely, will ensure the longevity and desired luxury of your products. Please be sure that you care your products according to these instructions.

Washing Symbols
In general, washing symbols divided into 5. X on the symbol means that this process can not be implied on this product

 Washing :
Can be washed.
Numbers inside show at which degree should the product be washed.
If there is a hand symbol inside the product should be washed by hand.

Bleaching :
Bleaching allowed.

Dry Cleaning :
Dry Cleaning allowed.
P letter inside this means that the product can be cleaned by “Perchloroethane”

Drying :
May be tumble dried.
Number of dots inside shows the level of heat.

Ironing :
Ironing allowed.
Dots shows the iron level.

 Care   Le Vele Bed Set

Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics in the world. Cotton is durable, soft and absorbs water easily. As cotton absorbs water more easily than any other fabric, it can be thoroughly washed and can withstand repeated washings.

Apart from that, cotton can withstand a range of temperatures and responds well to color-safe bleach and a good detergent.

To keep your cotton products comfortable and good looking :

Separate items by color. Never wash darker-colored pieces together with lighter-colored products.
Lighter colors and materials should receive a warm wash.
Use the right detergent. Only bleach-free detergents must be used for washing colored beddings.
If the water you use is hard due to a high lime content add a softening agent.
To remove even really dirty stains, presoak in detergent before washing.
Turn beddings inside-out before washing.
Load your just 2/3 of your washing machine so the product may move freely.
Adjust water temperature according to the care label to avoid shrinkage of the fabric.
To reduce wrinkles, tumble dry, remove immediately and fold the product.

Drying :
Make sure your linen articles are slightly damp before ironing. That will make your subsequent ironing job easier.
To save your ironing time, lay the product on a flat surface.
Do not overdry.

Ironing :
Make sure that you choose the correct temperature for ironing.
For the light colors, iron on the wrong side first, then on the right side to bring out the sheen. And for the dark-colored articles, iron on the wrong side only.

Storage Tips :
Store your products in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area. Always launder beddings before storing to prevent mildew growth.
Use pure linen, or cotton to protect against dust.
If you store your products for a long time, refold them from time to time.